Markets are a major part of the history of towns and cities in the UK.
They are important sites of commerce and represent the heart of our communities.

Traditional retail markets have always been a nurturing ground for independent retailers. However, the speed of change in the retail industry means that traditional retail markets are coming under increased pressure to meet the needs of local communities. Many are meeting this challenge head-on and the sector is experiencing a period of renewal. The sector is diversifying and growing to embrace specialist markets and events, such as festivals, fairs, and shows.

The Mission for Markets campaign is run by NABMA and the NMTF, two trade organisations which, respectively, represent the interests of those who run markets and those who trade on them. We collect data on traditional retail and specialist markets in the UK and offer advice and support to our members. On this website, we will shine a spotlight on best practice and share resources that can be used to develop and sustain traditional retail markets.


The NMTF is the only national trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers in the UK. We have around 20,000 members across the country.

Membership of the NMTF includes liability protection, expert advice and deals from leading suppliers. We represent micro and small businesses within the sector and fight nationally for their interests.


NABMA looks after the interests of market operators. We promote markets on the national stage and provide a wide portfolio of services for our members.

While the bulk of our membership comprises local authorities, NABMA also welcomes operators from any backgrounds. Included in our membership are private operators, social enterprise and community groups.



Select a region to view examples of best practice.

NABMA and the NMTF are pulling together examples of best practice from both sides of the industry - from those who trade on markets and market-type events and those who run them.

These case studies, which touch on the six issues above, showcase how traders and operators are creating innovative solutions to tackle problems that we are all facing within the industry.

Click on a region to view examples of best practice in your area. Each case study has a resources area that contains information, contacts links and downloads.

  • Brian McAteer, Essential Edinburgh, Edinburgh Farmers Market
    23rd September 2016
  • Naturally North Coast & Glens Student Trading Places
    20th August 2018
  • Martin Clark, Economic Development Officer, Causeway Coast and Glens Market
    16th November 2016
  • Laura Walvin, Flaura Rose
    7th September 2018
  • Stockton Market's Youth Enterpise Officer
    16th August 2018
  • David Laing, The Clucking Pig, Food Festivals
    3rd October 2017
  • Robert Leicester, Warrington Fruit and Veg
    14th September 2018
  • Wayne Shepherd, Bel-Gem Waffle
    11th September 2018
  • Bolton's Future Market Traders Strategy
    20th August 2018
  • Bex Grimwood, Cloudy Cactus
    5th November 2018
  • York Youth Markets
    25th October 2018
  • Yorkshire Youth Market
    14th September 2018
  • Marchnad Uplands, Abertawe
    9th November 2018
  • Uplands Market, Swansea
    9th November 2018
  • National Youth Market
    13th September 2018
  • Stoke on Trent Young Traders
    20th August 2018
  • Business Support for Young Traders in Leicester
    20th August 2018
  • Harborough Market Love Your Local Market School Project
    20th August 2018
  • Peter and Barry Tiffen, Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods
    2nd March 2018
  • Bishop's Stortford Youth Market
    20th August 2018
  • Bury St Edmunds School Project & Puppet Parade
    20th August 2018
  • Daniel Ritchie, Markets and Street Trading Development Manager, Cambridge
    23rd September 2016
  • Gabrielle Martin-Goff, Sew Little
    12th September 2018
  • eat:Festivals Young Makers Market
    20th August 2018
  • Cirencester Youth Market
    20th August 2018
  • Aylesbury Young Enterprise Initiatives
    20th August 2018
  • Portsmouth's "Have a Go" Markets
    16th August 2018
  • Richard Howlett, East Oxford Farmers and Community Market, Oxford
    23rd September 2016
  • A Plastic Planet
    27th November 2018
  • Aaron Jervier and Mica Bignall, Dumplin'
    7th September 2018
  • Samantha Wallace, From Field and Flower, The Borough Market
    23rd September 2016

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