Naturally North Coast & Glens Student Trading Places

Naturally North Coast and Glens are essentially a touring market, based in the Causeway Coast, with a flagship market based in Ballycastle.  They take the market from seafronts, to town squares and to key events and festivals.

Each market is a different size depending on the size of the venue. Some markets can only host 20 traders, some can host up to 50, also some markets are indoors, and some are outdoors.

As a touring market with so many different venues and towns, the award winning Naturally North Coast and Glens team have gained an excellent reputation and respect within many communities, working with traders and community groups from each area.

Shauna McFall explains that young people are an essential part of the success.

“Our student trading spaces offer the perfect opportunity for us to connect with our large population of young people, by providing a low-cost platform for them to be entrepreneurial, to try out a new business idea and sell their own creative products.

“It gives young people who are aspiring entrepreneurs, a chance to trade at their local market.  It also inspires young people who have never considered the idea of trading on a market, the chance to have a go and learn some valuable skills at the same time.

“The student trading opportunities are the perfect vehicle to connect with local schools, colleges, universities and academies, by offering a low-cost platform for students who will be able to gain valuable hands-on experience for their future careers.

“We can work with students independently and have future plans to engage with local schools, colleges, universities and academies to offer student groups the chance to engage directly with a local market. Student pitches are offered at a reduced rate, and school pitches are offered under the community/charity pitches incentive.”

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