Daniel Wilkinson, Wilkinson Butchers, Doncaster Market

Daniel Wilkinson is a third-generation butcher in the award-winning International Food Hall, housed in the Corn Exchange it is central to Doncaster’s award-winning markets.

Daniel was brought up in the business started by his grandfather in 1954. He is an expert in his craft – skilled in butchery and retailing, learning from experience.

He prefers to trade in markets because of the hustle and bustle, being in the centre of the community in Doncaster. The market has a diverse offer and a strong community of traders.

Daniel is passionate about his craft, confident in his knowledge of butchery and proud that the business he works for sources meat from Yorkshire to sell to customers in Doncaster.

For him, the different between a butcher in market compared to a butcher in a high street or a meat-cutter in a supermarket is the many different aspects of the role:

"We have a very small amount of space to operate in. Our market in Doncaster is open three days a week, so for those three days we're a retail outlet. We have our shirts and ties on, we have our full uniforms on and we're dealing solely with the public - with a full display on.

"For the other three days in the week, we are making our sausages, butchering our products, making value-added and oven-ready products. So we are not a sausage maker, we are not a meat cutter, we are not a shop assistant - in a market, we're everything!"

He champions traditional retail markets as a place to start a business because of the diversity of people behind the stalls; markets are real communities - there's always someone to ask if you're unsure or someone to lend a hand.

The markets in Doncaster, run by the council, are undergoing some big changes. Wilkinson Butchers are consolidating their stalls in the International Food Hall to offer a convenient, full-service to their customers.

Daniel is positive about the future of markets in Doncaster. Are you thinking of starting a business in on a traditional retail market? Here's Daniel's advice:

"Have a chat with the traders, the council and the customers. The thing you need to know is - know your market and you will succeed."

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Find out more about markets in Doncaster: www.doncaster.gov.uk/services/business-investment/trading-on-doncaster-market


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