Sean Clarke, Beer Central, Sheffield

Beer Central Ltd, based in Sheffield’s Moor Market, has been trading since the new market opened its doors in November 2013.

This small business has set its roots firmly and looks to have a bright future due to its owners, Sean Clarke and Deborah Jackson’s hard work and commitment.

Before Beer Central Ltd was established, Sean, 46 at the time, was teaching Tourism and Business Studies at Barnsley College. Deborah had been working as a travel agent but, unfortunately, was made redundant.

At this point Sean made a decision - did he want to continue teaching until he retired or had an opportunity just presented itself that was too good to pass up?

“I’d had enough of teaching and with the knowledge in business that I already had we figured it was the right time to start a business. I already had a personal interest in beers and micro-breweries and knew that Sheffield city centre would be perfect for what we had in mind.

Sheffield is a city of beer, with a history of smart pubs and a population of beer lovers. No one was currently selling specialist beers so it was the perfect setting for our business.”

Sean and Deborah had some capital available after selling their house. Helped along by subsidised rent for all of the Moor’s businesses in the first year, Sean and Deborah launched Beer Central and began building a customer base.

Beer Central supplies people from all walks of life. Those wandering by who may just fancy a regular beer can pick up something from just £2.50, whilst those that would consider themselves craft beer lovers may spend as much as £15 on a specialist beer.

Through social media, Beer Central also supplies to customers around the country, sending products as far as Aberdeen and Yeovil. As well as supplying craft beers, they also sell mini kegs, beer glasses and items such as t-shirts and real ale guides.    

"We enjoy being on the market because it’s convenient for the public to get to and we enjoy the market atmosphere and the relationship with other traders. Competition wise we are central (hence the name) and so the public are on our doorstep.

“If I was to give advice to anyone looking to start their own business I would say, people tend to think that it’s going to be a massive gamble becoming self-employed but you just need to be confident in yourself that you can do it and confident in your product.

“The capital outlay isn’t massive for a market business. I was confident we had the right products and I thought. if I go bust in 6 months then I’ll go back into teaching. Loads of people want to start a business but are worried about it – I would say don’t be worried and give it a try.”

Sean and Deborah pride themselves on delivering an exceptionally high level of customer service and love helping shoppers and giving advice to help them make the best choices.

Beer Central Ltd is can be found at Sheffield Markets, The Moor Market, 77 The Moor, S1 4PF and is open from 8:30am to 17:30pm, Monday to Saturday.

Visit the website of Sheffield Moor Market.

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