Manifesto 2019

The National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) and the NMTF, who represent market and street traders, on behalf of the whole retail and markets industry in the UK, put forward the following issues for consideration and action during the next Parliament.

Working with the New Government

We already have an excellent relationship through the All Party Parliamentary Group for Markets and the Department for Housing, Communities, and Local Government's Retail Markets Forum. We want to maintain these partnerships and improve on the current links so that markets have a meaningful presence in national initiatives affecting our industry.

Markets and the High Street Renaissance

Markets are such a vital part of high street and we want to see our role fully acknowledged and given appropriate support.

Encouraging Start Up Business

NABMA's Love Your Local Market campaign and the NMTF's Young Traders Market programme have given thousands of people the chance to start up a market business. We want formal recognition and support for the work we undertake.

Business Rates

This is a heavy burden for many local authority market operators in particular. We want to provide the same support to local authorities as currently enjoyed by private retailers by giving local authorities the flexibility to discount business rates for markets.

Markets and Young People

Young people are the future of our industry and we need support to encourage more young people to look at markets as a serious career option. The work currently undertaken with colleges and universities need to be set within a recognised educational framework at national level.

Markets and their Historic Buildings

So many markets are housed in historic buildings that need extensive renovation. We need further support from historic buildings funding to ensure the successful future of these buildings.

Regional Market Boards

London has led the way with a Markets Board that is looking at markets across the capital and taking the lead with a number of strategic obejectives. We need to work to replicate this model in other areas of the UK.

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