Young Traders

Markets lie at the heart of retail, and as an industry we must step up to the challenge of developing modern markets that serve communities: attracting, connecting with and meeting the needs of future generations of and small businesses.

As part of our Mission for Markets campaign, NABMA and the NMTF have pulled together case studies of initiatives that support young entrepreneurs to incorporate market trading into their business models. This includes examples of collaboration with schools and colleges.

As an industry, we’re seeing a revival in markets. Providing a platform for young entrepreneurs will bring a fresh injection of vibrancy to our high streets, towns and cities. Markets can become vibrant community hubs where people will want to spend time and money.

This digital resource will showcase stories of successful young traders as well as operator experiences. For market operators, we hope they inspire you to deliver initiatives to support the next generation of market traders. For young entrepreneurs, we hope they encourage you to trade on your local market! #YoungTraders

Check out the case studies below!
Are you a young person interested in trading on a young traders market in your area?
Or, are you a market operator interested in running a young traders market?
Take part in the NMTF's Young Traders Market programme in 2020! Click here to find out more.


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