"The Voice of Markets"

NABMANABMA looks after the interests of market operators. While the bulk of our membership comprises local authorities, NABMA also welcomes operators from any backgrounds. Included in our membership are private operators, social enterprise and community groups.

For over 90 years NABMA has served the interests of its members and in recent years it has increased its profile, particularly on the national stage by working with Government to secure recognition for markets in a number of major policy areas.

In particular NABMA has secured a reference to markets in the Government’s Planning Policy Framework and also secured major recognition for markets in the Mary Portas report which led to the Love Your Local Market campaign. Such has been the success of Love Your Local Market that it has become the single biggest market event ever promoted.

In addition, NABMA represents market operators in respect of proposals by the UK and European Governments which have a potential impact on markets. In recent years NABMA has played a prominent role in putting forward the markets case in respect of proposals concerning street traders, pedlars and the future of market franchise rights.

While working on the national stage, NABMA also cooperates with other organisations which play an important role in securing the future of markets. NABMA is a special interest group within the Local Government Association and we enjoy representation within the association with a designated member having responsibility for markets.

NABMA works closely with the Association of Town and City Management, the NMTF, and the National Association of Local Councils, to share agendas and develop partnership working.

NABMA has worked hard to improve the quality of member services and our priority is to raise the standards in markets management. With this in mind NABMA, in partnership with the Institute of Place Management and Manchester Metropolitan University, has launched the Diploma in Markets Administration. This gives Market Officers the opportunity of having an accredited and professional qualification that can provide a background in the essential elements of markets administration.

In addition, NABMA provides free membership of the Institute of Place Management and we encourage all Market Officers to take advantage of this facility. Membership of the Institute provides access to a wide range of information and resources and again assists in providing Market Officers with a professional background to the work they undertake.

The work of NABMA is underpinned by a structure which provides for a service level agreement with Oswestry Town Council. This SLA provides administrative and financial support and also a base for NABMA. NABMA’s Officers work on a consultancy basis and the officer team is headed by a chief executive, supplemented by other officers who operate in policy and training areas.



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