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Laura Walvin, 26, from County Durham is the epitome of the young festival goer – with her bohemian chic style, love of travel and a determination to get out of the rat race, she turned her passions into her business.  

Laura studied fashion at university going on to work within the fashion industry and then moving into recruitment. Though she enjoyed her work, the corporate life and day to day stresses did not fit with her vision of her ideal job.

Moving to India to live with her dad, Laura was inspired by the culture and colours and began selecting the products to start her own business.

“I started my business selling home furnishings and jewellery and just picked the types of things that appealed to me and my style. I thought of the brand that I wanted to create, hippy and free spirited, that encompasses like-minded people and provides statement pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

“My love of travel and fashion have entwined and helped me build the business that I have today.”

Laura trades at festivals all over the UK, including Latitude Festival, Underneath the Stars Fest, V Festival and many more, as well as attending Christmas Markets and Newcastle Quayside Market.

She has grown her business, changing her line to suit the type of customers that she attracts, adding bold statement necklaces, glitter face painting and handmade clothing, all the while keeping her style and love of everything boho at the heart of it all.

Laura says, “I love trading at events and markets, travelling and meeting new people and I hope to be able to expand my business even further.

“I have an online presence as well, but I would like to grow this – it’s definitely been harder to sell online because people want to know you’re a reputable business before buying from you. With the expansion of my physical business I hope to be able to get this going as well.”

Whilst Laura seems to have had the best of times in the last two years she does have some words of advice for anyone looking to start their own business.

“Start small, test your product on friends and family and find your unique selling point.

“Trading at events and festivals does come with some risk, like if it rains or you might not make as much money as you hoped. Do your research before you commit and be prepared that some days may be harder than others. Ultimately though, it is worth it, and people should definitely consider market and event trading if they want to start their own business.”

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