Lauren Charlton, The Yorkshire Print

Lauren has taken her love for Yorkshire and her passion for art, combined the two and made an award-winning business – for Lauren and her skylines it seems like the sky is the limit!

Lauren, 27, is Yorkshire born and bred and very proud of the fact. So much so that she began putting the best parts into pictures.

“I’m an art teacher full time which I love, but in January this year I decided to start creating my own pieces, basing them on Yorkshire skylines and the iconic buildings.

“I sketch out the outlines and then do pen drawings. Finally, I manipulate them on the computer to get the finished product. I’ve got images of Barnsley, Sheffield, Leeds and ,of course, Rotherham where I’m from and I can also do custom designs as well.”

Lauren recently took part in a series of youth markets and was put forward as a market champion, for both Rotherham and Sheffield. She went on to trade at the Yorkshire Youth Market in Leeds which was held on the 1st August 2018, better known as Yorkshire day!

Lauren was crowned Yorkshire Youth Market Trader of the year, taking home top prize after the judges were taken by her flash, professionalism and overall attitude towards her business and trading.

“I was so grateful to be awarded the Yorkshire Youth Market Trader of the Year. It was a complete shock but it definitely made my year!”

Lauren also traded at the NMTF’s National Youth Market which was held in Stratford-Upon-Avon and hosted by LSD Promotions. She even created a new piece of work depicting Stratford’s well known buildings and monuments.

After a fantastic two days of trading, Lauren continued her winning streak and was given the accolade of Highly Commended.

Her experience on markets has been positive so far and she plans to continue to pursue her passion.

“Markets are a great platform for trying out your business, the Yorkshire Youth Market and the National Youth Market have really got me thinking about my trading locations and what sells best.

“Anyone thinking of starting up a business should consider markets. If you have a business idea just go for it! If you look out for the National Youth Market or regional ones then you might get a free pitch and somewhere to try out your ideas. I would definitely recommend it!”

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