Gabrielle Martin-Goff, Sew Little

Gabrielle, 20, is no stranger to youth markets. Having test traded in 2016 on Cirencester’s first youth market, Gabrielle started her business with a bang, winning the award for Best Stand.

Following on from her win, Gabrielle was offered a period of rent-free trading to sell her handmade baby clothes on Cirencester Market as well as support from the market team. Whilst it may seem that Gabrielle has always been passionate about sewing it has not always been the case.

“I had never really been very interested in sewing when I was growing up - It was only when I inherited my great-grandmothers sewing machine that I decided to give it a go. 

“I started making clothes for my siblings and I fell in love with it so I carried on. I traded on Cirencester Market and Cirencester college even paid for my first year’s membership of the NMTF so I had any extra support that I needed.”

Gabrielle went on to trade on the NMTF’s National Youth Market in Manchester, supported by Manchester Markets, that same year.

She has since become a nursery nurse but runs her business in her free time.

"I work in the nursery four days a week and spend my weekends making stock and custom orders. I’ve kitted out my bedroom as my workshop, so it really is a low cost set up. It’s easy for me to make sure my designs work as the kids in the nursery are my little models and the parents order from me too.

“I would like to make Sew Little my full-time job eventually and get a website up and running.”

Gabrielle still trades on summer and Christmas markets and she most recently joined the NMTF once again this year for the National Youth Market which was held in Stratford-Upon-Avon, hosted by LSDPromotions.

Her products impressed the judges and the passing customers who admired, and purchased, her handmade items for their own little ones.

Gabrielle is a strong advocate for trading on markets and here’s why:

“It really does cost very little to start on a market and there is support readily available for new businesses.

“I love trading on markets because I get to know my customers and they get to know me. It’s a very social business and one I thoroughly enjoy. The market also leads to custom orders and other business so it’s definitely beneficial for me.”

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